Ram Limbu wins Voice of Nepal 2

The most popular Nepali show’s sequel has come to the final. Its declared that Ram Limbu, contestant from Team Promod wins the show among the 3 contestant Sanish Shrestha,Bikash Limbu and Aarif Rauf.

Ram Limbu was the contestant of Team Deep in Blind Audition. But in battle round Team Pramod took in his team by using “Steal” power.

He has not just wins the title tag of the show but he has wins lots of gift hamper,12 Lakhs
Datsun Car,Album Contract from Music Nepal.
I was hoping that Ram Limbu wins the show because he is my favorite too and he actually wins the show.

At the first season of the show, CD Bijaya Adhikari wins and this time Ram Limbu wins. Its next sequel will be back at next year. So friends prepared yourself for the next year to participant in the show.

Congratulations Ram Limbu. You deserved it.

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