5 ways to spot the difference between real and fake designer items

Counterfeit fashion is an industry unto itself. Sometimes, unaware consumers buy branded products because they are available at a much cheaper rate than the original. At other times, some people voluntarily support the sale and purchase of fake fashion items. If you, however, would like to stay away from fake designer items, here are some ways in which you can tell the difference between fake and real designer products.

A brand will put a lot of effort into their craftsmanship. The stitching will not just appearore material to produce their goods.

2. LOGO This is a tricky space since people have gotten very good at copying logos. However, there will be a slight inconsistency since brands tend to update their logos or use more detail. Also, brands will have distinct logos made of either metal or leather on their products. On the other hand, fake goods will have missing logos or a cheaply made one.

Remember, there’s a reason why luxury goods cost as much as they do. Brands that make leather products will source genuine leather and use high-quality metal for the buttons and other accents. On the other hand, a fake product will use faux leather. Also, real leather will have a slightly uneven structure and won’t shine.

Let’s just say that fakers have gotten really good at this. But sometimes, they switch up the logo just a bit to avoid any legal issues. So exercise extra caution when you’re checking the logo and the writing on the labels inside. If anything says ‘100% genuine’, in all probability, it isn’t.

This is the most common giveaway. Most brands list their products along with their prices online. And it’s obvious that an authentic designer label will cost a lot more than a fake one. So, don’t believe anyone who’s telling you that “it’s on discount”. Designer brands will not offer a 75 per cent discount on their products, so if anyone’s telling you otherwise, be wary. Also, check the price tag to see if it has the brand’s logo. If not, it’s a fake.

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