Top 5 Korean Drama’s real couples who ended their relationship

1.Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

In 2016, Song-Song couple played the drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’. They came close during the shoot and fall for each other. They tie knot in October 31,2017. But unfortunately on June 27,20 months of marriage, Song Joong Ki filed for divorce and now they are legally divorced. But I am gonna miss them in reel chemistry from ‘Descendants of the Sun’.

2.Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun

In 2015, they played the drama ‘Blood’. They announced their relationship at 2016 and do registered married after a month. But sadly they end their relationship after 3 years at 2019.

3.Dongho [U-Kissi] and Kim Seehee

After leaving U-KISSI at 2013, Donghe tied the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend at 2015. And they welcomed their first child a baby boy at 2016. But their married won’t goes long. They got divorced at September 2018. But surprising they both are taking equally responsibility of their baby.

4.Se7en and Park Han Byul

.They were the high school lovebirds from 2002. They announced their relationship at 2009. But 12 years marriage won’t goes well and they decided to seperated.

5.Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon [T-Ara]

In June,2015 they met on the set of Chinese-Korean movie ‘Encounter Back’ and came close. They announced their relationship in July of the same year and spotted them on dating. But unfortunately they quit their relationship at February, 2017.

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