Bollywood Celebrities’s Unknown Habits

1.Salman Khan

He is pretty a freaky approximately accumulating soaps. The actor is so crazy of this addiction, that he has a unique series of soaps from across the world, all handmade,dressmaker and nature ones. His preferred once are natural fruit and vegetables extracted soaps. He is certainly the high-quality smelling man in Bollywood whose presence on the units is felt through the fragrance! Salman even steers clean of napkins and tissues. He is only dependable to a specific mulmul cloth.

2.Sushmita Sen

As weird as it’d sounds, however Sushmita is keen on snakes. So much, that she has a python and a puppy in her home.

3.Shahrukh Khan

Don’t even ask him for a selfie while he is having his food. Shahrukh hates to get clicked at the same time as eating. And he hates ice-cream too. Shahrukh is obsessed with devices and video games. He has an entire ground in ‘Mannat’ committed to gaming gadgets and he even invited his pals for competitions.

4.Sanjay Dutt

He may have decreased his alcohol intake but the actor still can’t allow of his Gotka. He turns into even cut eating tobacco at a cancer recognition event.

5.Shahid Kapoor

Kabir Singh loves his brew. He is so addicted to coffee that he ends up drinking approximately 10 cups a day.

6.Rani Mukherjee

We realise she is a chain-smoker. But she is so addicted that she starts her morning with a puff. Talk about bed-ciggis. She just cannot do without her morning puff.


The everlasting diva is thought for her Kanjivaram Sarees and notably she usually sticks to a pink or chocolate coloured lipstick when creating a public appearance.

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