World Radio Day

Today February 13 is World Radio Day. All the information and entertainment for the hobby is now available in the palm. The world of smartphones is known as the virtue of entertainment. Newspaper were the source of information almost a century ago.

Theatrical arts and folk arts are fun instruments. In a time of low literacy, newspapers were largely unpopular. In such circumstances, the advent of radio can be said to be the first information revolution.

In the early days, radio sets that symbolised the status of wealthy households extended to panchayat offices and later to ordinary homes. Radio was an outcast for two to three generations.

TV was available in the 80s. Radio monopoly in the entertainment and entertainment sectors continued before the TV sets reached middle-class people.

Even with the era of smartphones, radio is still entertaining listeners. The broadcast of FM stations on cellphones continued to rise radio fans.

While radio, the internet and smartphones have opened up to the monopoly of radio, the ever-evolving technology of radio has continued to reach new listeners.

Like the birth of radio…

Electromagnetic radio waves were first discovered by German physicist Heinrich Hertz in 1886. Italian scientist Marconi was the man who practiced radio broadcasts almost a decade later, from 1895-96.

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